Our Values


Meet the real celebrity behind the Elevación1250TM Tequila brand. Award-Winning Master Distiller Iliana Partida is our producer who ensures the highest production quality of our tequila. She’s also the CEO of Hacienda de Oro S.A. de C.V., the distillery where Elevación1250TM is produced in the traditional methods the Partida family has been using for four generation. We are so proud to have her as a partner in our company.


This is Carlos – a Jimador that works in the Partida’s agave fields in Amatitán – a little town right in the heart of the Tequila Valley. He’s part of a community in the region that has a deep respect for the heritage and passion of tequila production, just as his father did before him in these same fields. Carlos is also part of that community of employees at the Distillery that holds shares in our company – we believe that the people behind our great tequila deserve to benefit from the success of Elevación1250TM.


Despite the challenges faced by the industry, such as climate change and the rising costs of production, the determination of tequila producers like Iliana and her community has helped sustain the tradition and elevate it to new heights. With new, innovative techniques and an unparalleled commitment to quality, the future of our tequila production is being redefined by a new generation of Master Distillers like Iliana and fueled by the passion and determination of those who surround her, who have made it their life’s work.