Our Tequila

Elevación1250TM Blanco

Tequila Elevación1250TM, an Award-Winning Spirit, was created to bring a new-found appreciation to consumers looking for a premium tequila that is responsibly and sustainably grown and harvested. This handcrafted, 100% additive-free tequila has meaning and values to us as a brand. LEGACY. RESPECT. DETERMINATION. These are our shared values reflected in the community of Amatitán.

Elevación1250TM is produced at NOM1522, Hacienda de Oro S.A. de C.V. in Jalisco, Mexico using only 100% Blue Weber agave in its production.

Blue Weber Agave

Tequila is made exclusively from Blue Weber agave – no one should tell you otherwise which is cultivated primarily in the State of Jalisco. This agave species has a distinctive taste and a high sugar content, making it ideal for the production of tequila. 


Due to its protected status, our Distillery will wait no less than seven years before harvesting the agave plants used in Elevación1250. This protection ensures that only tequila made from Blue Weber agave can be labeled as such, preserving the cultural and economic importance of tequila and providing consumers with assurance of its authenticity and quality.