Elevación1250 Tequila embodies Legacy, Respect, and Determination. Rooted in centuries-old traditions, it honors its heritage with every sip, ensuring quality and transparency in every bottle. Elevación1250 Tequila is the epitome of AUTHENTICITY.


In Los Valles of Jalisco, Mexico, the terroir is essential in defining the flavor and aroma profiles of the Blue Weber agave plants used in our 100% de Agave Tequila, making it a crucial element in the quality and authenticity of our spirit.

Our Tequila

Elevación1250 Blanco delivers a symphony of flavors with minerality, earthy notes, and a hint of fresh grass. Cooked agave essence brings sweet pear and citrus, balanced by herbal freshness. Influenced by volcanic soil,
it offers complexity and a lingering, terroir-driven finish.

Elevación1250 Reposado, aged four months in American White Oak, harmoniously fuses warm vanilla and caramel with cooked agave
sweetness. Delicate spice and toasted oak intertwine for depth, leading to an approachable finish with a gentle hint of cinnamon.


Elevación1250’s handcrafted Tequila, made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, is the perfect base for delicious cocktails. Whether you enjoy a classic margarita or something more inventive, our additive-free tequila is ideal. Explore our cocktail recipes and elevate your next gathering with friends with the rich, herbal flavor of Elevación1250 Tequila.