Tequila, Elevated

Named for the exact elevation above sea level its harvested and produced – 1,249.64m, our handcrafted tequila is made in the small town of Amatitán by a community dedicated to preserving the unique taste that the volcanic soil, climate and this altitude lends to their agave production—resulting in a tequila that brings all the character of the Tequila Valley region of Jalisco, Mexico to your glass.
Our Maestra Tequilera


Elevación1250 is made by Iliana Partida, a fourth-generation Maestra Tequilera from Hacienda de Oro S.A. de C.V. The tequila is born from Los Valles’ mineral-rich agave fields and volcanic soils.

Our Terrior

Amatitán, Mexico

Amatitán, Mexico is situated in the Tequila Valley region of Jalisco, Mexico, which is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest tequila. The region’s unique geographic and climatic conditions provide the ideal environment for growing agave, the plant from which tequila is made. 

Our Tequila


Elevación1250 is the greatest expression of pure Blue Weber Agave. Our handcrafted, 40%ABV Blanco is additive-free, 100% de agave tequila produced from over 500 hectares of mineral-rich volcanic soil.

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Tequila, Elevated.


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